Jacinto Ribas Benlloch

Jacinto has been a very interesting challenge for Landed. He has been positioning himself in the Multilevel Industry and the Cryptocurrency community, especially on YouTube for a few years before he came to us.
His Instagram channel was completely personal-life-oriented and was lacking a professional approach, strategic content definition, and branded content.
He trusted us to change this and give a strategic role to his Instagram channel in his overall business strategy and Social Media funnels. There were 5.000 followers when we started and almost no engagement with his photos and content.

We defined his target’s core strategic content pillars, and by delivering content that really informed, educated, and adds value to the audience, we manage to grow his following to 16.000 followers in less than a year.

Landed put its Factory Lab team to work hand in hand with Jacinto, from where we analyze and develop our content strategy and set a flawless design process that builds its brand among the audiences. From his Feed, Stories, IGTV, Reels, and Live sessions, we maximized his potential to reach the desired audience and adapt the content to best suit each format.

We developed a tailored process that allow us to create and multiply content, and Jacinto to review and approve it quickly. Being such a successful entrepreneur, time is something we value and look to optimize.

With 90% of the growing audience being achieved organically, we are very proud to see this young entrepreneur from Valencia building his brand through relevant, valued content.

+ 140 content pieces produced with a seamless process for the client.

+ 307% Instagram followers in 8 months (16.000 vs. 5.200) @jrbenlloch

7% CTR in lead generation campaigns.

ClientJacinto Ribas BenllochServicesSocial Media Strategy, Art Direction, Design, Content CreationYear2020Linkwww.instagram.com

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