Canna Trading. Your Cannabis trading place

CT owners had an ambitious plan: to launch one of the biggest CBD marketplaces in Europe. The challenge was huge: a fully functional marketplace with tools and specs as Amazon’s, and a timeframe of 3 months.
EU regulations for this industry and products vary from country to country, and customs and logistic setup was a strategic area to solve, not only businesswise but regarding platform’s behavior.

And being a marketplace it should also allow each brand or vendor to link stocks, prices, margins, and other important aspects such as payments.

At Landed we lead the project from start to end. UX, wireframing, programming, development, testing, and full integrations with other vendor tools. We also provided tutorials for initial vendors who would start working with CT. We successfully brought CannaTrading to life with an initial upload of more than 100 products in 18 categories. A challenge we faced and succeeded because of rigorous planning and full integration with our clients to understand their needs and the need to comply with EU regulations.

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